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  Provided as a free service to Trygstads everywhere.

Yes, that’s right. Free.

When the .name domain was created, it seemed that the intent was that surnames/last names would serve as a root level, with actual use by subdomains based on a combination of given name/first name with the last name in the "root" domain. When I discovered that the trygstad.name could be registered, I decided to go ahead and create this structure and make it available to Trygstads everywhere. And I'm doing it for free. Why? It doesn't cost me anything and it's just a cool thing to do. There are so few Trygstads in the world (as you well know) that I'm sure it's never going to strain my resources.

You can forward your trygstad.name subdomain to an existing URL (Web address) or actually point to an IP address and have it serve as your domain name. You can forward your trygstad.name email address to your existing email address or we will create a free Web-based email mailbox for you. For a more complete explanation of what we'll do for you, please see our services page. Please note that this offer only applies if your surname is TRYGSTAD and you are willing to provide documentation of that fact.

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